Should you  invest in dollar gold coins such as the Liberty Head Fifty Dollar Gold Coins?

The Main Reasons to Invest In Dollar Gold Coins

Is investing in dollar gold coins still a good investment strategy? Recently gold prices have declined due to apparently improving economies in the USA and Asia. However demand for the physical product as opposed to the paper one has remained very strong. The slight declines in gold value made some investors worry about investing in gold, but are their worries based on reality? After all, having assets tied up in paper the paper dollar carries risks also.

When you examine the world’s economy there is still strife and economic fears in many corners of the world. Europe is still battling to increase economic growth, with worries that it will get worse before it gets better. Some financial commentators also predict the collapse of the dollar. These worries have some financial analysts predicting gold values will increase towards the end of 2013. Does this mean you should invest in gold? Let us talk about a few other factors before we jump to a conclusion.

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Gold Price Chart Showing Current Gold Price and Up To 10 Years History

American Dollar gold coins are not equal to gold in terms of current value. On the surface, we value a gold coins based on their weight, but that is only one factor that determines their real value. You can be certain you will never get less that their value in gold weight, but sometime you can get much more. The coin itself has an intrinsic value due to their rarity offset by condition. Once again, this does not make them a great investment alone. We need to examine some interesting pointers to help you make the right decision.

As the economy falters, gold prices usually tend to rise. Investing in a gold coin collection allows you to protect your assets over the long term, during these hard financial times and even profit from them. During economic recovery, they tend to drop, but almost never return to their pre-crisis levels. This makes them a solid long-term option that will have ups and downs in value, but a solid base value that never evaporates completely.

The gold coins have a special role compared to other types of physical gold. An improving financial situation usually increases the number of people interested in investing in items for their value in beauty and collectibility. This means some denominations and years of  dollar  coins rise in price even as the market price decrease slightly. This fact is not always true, but it can often help reduce the fluctuations due to improving economic conditions.

Real gold bars. Do you want to buy as part of your investment portfolio?

Improving personal finances often means people start buying more gold jewelry and trinkets. The amount of gold on the market decreases due to higher product demands. This decrease in gold availability can help push gold prices back up even as the economy improves. Think about how often you see people buy expensive gold watches, rings, and other jewelry when economic times are tough compared to when it  is robust.

If you look back at historic trends, you will notice that gold price fluctuates most dramatically at the onset of economic declines and large improvements in the economy. As it  levels off gold it tends to rise slowly due to growing world demands.

Interestingly, gold prices may increase even as the economy improves today than ever before. Gold is used in small quantities in many forms of electronics and other items that are purchased in small quantities during economic slowdowns. As the positive conditions accelerate these days, the demand by tech companies for more gold will increase pushing available gold quantities down and helping to improve the value of gold again.

There are many reasons to believe that investing in gold dollar coins or bars is a wise choice at this time in our history due to many market factors. You can anticipate significant fluctuations as economic statistics bounces up and down, but in the end it will come down to supply and demand, so long as the market avoids perpetual manipulation in the long term. Plus a new factor coming into play in recent years has been that many countries are now trading in their own currencies rather than the dollar. Some believe that this heralds the beginning of the end of the US dollar as a reserve currency.

How do you make the best choices of  dollar coins? You may need to establish a relationship with a good investment broker. They can aid you in choosing the best for your strategy but only if they have a track record of performance. Many prefer to go the self directed route. Since they vary in value depending on collectibility and gold content, it requires someone who understands the market to help you make the right coin decisions. You need to evaluate the type of coin against current market conditions, and determine if the coin has a higher collector value or whether it is simply a vehicle in which to invest to reflect the market price of the metal itself. You may also need to know if the type of coin can be invested in an IRA, if that is your intent.

How safe is investing in gold today? It is just as safe as any other time in history, and possibly safer compared to holding Federal Reserve notes in a bank. The growing demands brought on by more investors that are international and the industry, almost guarantees greater stability in prices. Never look at gold as a short-term strategy. Look at the long-term strategy of investing in gold to get the most value. Fluctuations happen in every investment strategy but gold has the history of being one of the most stable investments over time. This is especially attractive for a long term savings strategy, such as those who are investing in an IRA . A gold IRA is an increasingly attractive option for those who have an IRA anyway to take advantage of tax concessions in their retirement accounts.

Let us talk about real numbers for just a moment. As this article is written, prices are around $1400 per ounce for gold. There are many specialist analysts who predict the value will increase to over $1600 in within six months. Nobody knows for sure, but history tells us gold is the most acceptable and reliable choice in the long term over paper dollars.

Gold has always been a solid investment, but never has it offered as much opportunity as today. The prices of gold will continue to rise over time due to higher demands from both a healthy economy and one that struggles. Investing in dollar gold coins is a wise investment this year.

What American Gold Dollar Coins Are There?

The following are American gold dollar coins that have been minted:

One dollar gold coin

Five dollar gold coin (Also known, in its different minted versions, as the Half Eagle, Turban Head, Draped Bust and Liberty Head)

Ten dollar gold coin

Twenty dollar gold coin

Fifty dollar gold coin (Also known as the American Buffalo coin.)

What Metals Can Be Invested in a Precious Metals IRA?

A precious metals IRA is commonly referred to as a Gold IRA. However, gold is not the only precious metal allowed into an IRA. Gold is allowed, yes, but so too are silver, platinum and palladium. Even so, those metals are only allowed if in an accepted form.

Here is a list of what is allowed in the way of metals in an IRA:


American Eagle coin

Austrailian Kangaroo/Nugget

Austrian Philharmonic

Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin

Credit Suisse gold – PAMP Suisse gold Bars .999

U.S. Buffalo Gold Uncirculated coin (No Proofs)

Gold Bars and Gold rounds as referenced below


American Eagle  (1)

Australian Kookaburra

Austrian Philharmonic

Canadian Maple Leaf

Mexican Libertad

Bars and rounds as referenced below (2)


American Eagle  (1)

Australian Koala

Canadian Maple Leaf

Isle of Man Noble

Bars and rounds as referenced below (2)


Bars and rounds as referenced below (2)

*(1) Coins, including the American Eagle, that have undergone “certification” (also known as “slabbed” coins) are not acceptable in retirement plans at this time

*(2) Bars and rounds produced by manufacturers accredited by Nymex/Comex, LME, LBMA, NYSE/Liffe/CBOT, and ISE-9000 or a national mint. The minimum finenesses for bars are:

  • Gold .995+
  • Silver. 999+
  • Platinum .9995+
  • Palladium .9995+

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